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Walking tour along the central streets and museums of Bishkek

Type of tour: Bishkek city tours

4 hours

Price per person:

40-70 USD

About tour:

Join us for an excellent walking tour of Bishkek that delves into the city’s history and central landmarks. You’ll see the main buildings, parks, and key squares, visit three museums, and, most importantly, hear captivating stories about the city and its inhabitants. Our knowledgeable guides infuse their personal experiences, sharing not only textbook facts but also deeper insights. The narratives span the Russian Empire, Soviet era, and Independent Kyrgyzstan.

Book a tour with us, and you’ll discover:

> How Kyrgyzstan became part of the Russian Empire and what it led to.

> Why a massive secret bunker was built beneath the country’s main square.

> The reason Bishkek changed its name three times.

> How a Kyrgyz woman managed to govern lands in Southern Kyrgyzstan back in the late 19th century (a time when it was considered impossible).

> Who Manas is and why the airport, streets, and even villages are named after him.

Plus, around 30 other fascinating topics from guides who are passionate about their work.

The tour lasts approximately 3-4 hours, and our guides never rush—ensuring a comfortable pace for everyone. We’ll start from your hotel, where the guide will meet you and arrange a taxi to the tour’s starting point. From there, it’s an engaging walk from one attraction to another. At the tour’s end, the guide can even accompany you back to your hotel via taxi (at no extra cost).

Get ready to immerse yourself in Bishkek’s rich heritage and vibrant present!

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If you want more:

In addition to our regular Bishkek walking tour, we offer an extended version that covers all the major city landmarks. You’ll visit the renowned Osh Bazaar and savor a variety of dishes at one of the best Chaikhanas (traditional teahouses).

  • • guide services
  • • entrance tickets to museums
  • • transport service
Does not include
  • • Additional expenses


Private tour for one person


Group of 2 people


Group of 3 people


Group of 4 and more people


  • Private tour for one person
  • Group of 2 people
  • Group of 3 people
  • Group of 4 and more people

About the company

We work to ensure that tourists who come to Bishkek have an opportunity to learn better our city, people and nature. We do our best to improve all services.