One-day tours in Bishkek - history and culture of Kyrgyzstan

We invite you to visit the ancient Burana tower, go to the best ethnocomplex and stay with a family of Kyrgyz musicians.




4-12 hours


45-350 USD

For those who like cognitive excursions, we offer a large variety of tours. All of these tours are unique and will leave unforgettable impressions. On this page there are various cultural tours as a tour to ethnocomplex, a visit to the Kyrgyz family of musicians, a trip to ancient Burana tower and more. This type of tours will acquaint you with the unique national traditions and customs of nomads that have been formed over many centuries.

If you are interested in the history we offer a wonderful one-day tour to Burana complex for the whole day. The Burana complex, one of the ancient buildings in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. In the mid-10th century our country was part of the Karakhanid state. It was a very strong state, which contributed to the development of craft, trade, construction and the emergence of new cities. Balasagun was one of this kind of prosperous cities - this is Burana ancient settlement, whose name came from the tower of Burana. Ruins of this famous settlement are located a few km from Bishkek city.

If you want to learn more about traditions and national food, a tour to the ethno complex is ideal for you. Supara ethnocomlex is located few km from Bishkek. This is an interesting place, where you will have a chance to experience an archery and more. With the help of our excursions you will learn more about the Kyrgyzstan, its history and culture. There is also visit to the family of Kyrgyz musicians, who play national musical instruments and perform songs in Kyrgyz language.

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