One-day trips: adventures in Kyrgyz mountains

Explore with us an amazing Ala-Archa valley, Konorchek canyon hidden behind the mountains and other popular gorges near Bishkek!




5-10 hours


45-120 USD

Kyrgyz mountains attract a lot of people all over the world. Most of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is covered by mountains, that’s is why the republic is one of the favorite places for mountaineers, lovers of active holidays. Our country is a real paradise for the conquerors of peaks. For these purposes, Kyrgyzstan has the entire list of necessary attributes. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan belong to the mountain systems of the mighty Tien Shan and Pamir. At the same time, Tien-Shan, which means "heavenly mountains", covers a significant part of the territory. In particular, there are numerous mountain peaks that suit for both beginners and an experienced climbers.

At your service are countless number of different mountain routes that are accessible even for small children. And the beautiful landscapes that open from the mountains will not leave anyone indifferent. But most importantly, all mountains of Kyrgyzstan are located near car routes, which makes them even more accessible. Discover the amazing variety of activities and adventures that await you here in Kyrgyz mountains.

We offer you a lot of different one-day tours to mountains at any time. We have a lot of ski-bases like Chunkurchak, Orlovka, Kashka-Suu. All of these bases suit both for the beginners and skilled skiers.

There are tours to Ala-Archa National park. The place is a beauty during any timw of the year and some time looks magical. This is the most beautiful place that are not far from Bishkek city. If you are just a tourist without any physical training you can enjoy simply walking, or if you are strong you can go hiking to Racek's hut about 3300 meters above the sea.

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