Picturesque sceneries: One-day horseback riding tours

Fresh air, amazing mountain views - we offer a great variety of horse riding tours both for the beginners and skilled riders.




5-7 hours


130-220 USD

From time immemorial, horses - one of the most emotionally intelligent creatures and it plays an special role in life of Kyrgyz people. Horses are "the wings of the Kyrgyz", according to an ancient proverb. For 2,500 years this valuable beast has been at the heart of nomadic life - a friend, worker and a source of food. Even in the mythology of Kyrgyz people, each national hero has his trusty horse, riding with its owner through the country’s valleys, mountains, and rivers.

We offer you to experience the horse-riding tours surrounded by amazing nature right outside the city. On this page you can find different one-day horse-riding tours. Our friendly horses and specially trained guides will take you on a ride on excellent riding paths where you can experience the unique kyrgyz horse while enjoying picturesque landscapes. Before the tour starts we organize the groups according to riding ability to ensure everyone gets an experience and adventure they want!

It's an incredible feeling, riding a horse, controlling a smart animal, it's a way to feel unity with nature. While horse-riding we use the phrase "contact" to explain how the rider should be in contact with the horse. It is important to contact with horse, to listen, to feel the it. The ride on the horses gives an opportunity to experience the magnificent landscapes of the wild countryside, to become acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of locals. Also, the program suits both for the beginners and for the experienced riders!

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