Day and night Bishkek city tours with local guides

Let us show you the best sights of Bishkek and tell stories about city. We will walk along the streets that were built even during Russian Empire, learn more about the buildings that remained from USSR and walk along the main square of modern Kyrgyzstan.




2-7 hours


20-180 USD

Despite the fact Bishkek is not a big city, we already provide 8 city-tours and continue to work on the creation of new ones. On this page you can find all excursions around Bishkek - sightseeing day and night tours, visiting popular bars and pubs.

If this is your first time in our city and you don't have any plans what to see in Bishkek - contact us and we will find the best itineraries for you. We have fascinating walking tours, that last from 3 hours. If you prefer car - tours, our team offer a mixed program in which we tried to provide for as many crossings between destination in a car as possible. With our excursions you will learn more about life in Bishkek, become acquainted with the history of the city and visit all the major sights of Bishkek. The itinerary of our tours pass through the central part of the city - Ala-Too Square, the old square, the oldest park in Bishkek, city chime clock tower, theaters and museums.

There is also a visit to the famous Osh market - this destination is included in the program of several tours, also it exists as a separate tour with reasonable price. A guide will offer you to try the national products directly from the counters on the market, buy you koumiss and show the souvenir rows where you can buy magnets, garments, felt bags and clutches at much lower prices than in souvenir shops in the city center.

About the company

We work to ensure that tourists who come to Bishkek have an opportunity to learn better our city, people and nature. We do our best to improve all services.