What to do in Bishkek: unique experience with local masters

Make a souvenir from felt by your own, learn how to cook Kyrgyz national dishes or visit a closed rehearsal of circus artists!




2-4 hours


50-500 USD

All our master-classes in Bishkek:

On this page we offer various master classes, such as culinary and shirdak making.

Shirdak is a Kyrgyz national felt carpet with patterns consisting of large contrasting flowers. This is one of the most complicated in the manufacture of felt products. Shirdaks are used to decorate yurts and houses throughout Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz people put them on the walls, on the floor or simply place it as a decorative element. In addition to its aesthetic value, a shirdak perfectly retains heat, it is soft and dense, which makes it indispensable in winter. A good quality shirdak can last at least half a century.

Making shirdak is not simple work you have to follow certain rules like combining no more than two colors: white and brown, brown and orange, white and red, blue and red, green and red. It is believed that red and white colors symbolize the continuation of the clan, while green means mountains and blue symbolize the Issyk-Kul lake and the picturesque Ala-Too mountains. We invite you to the master-class, where you can make by your own products from felt!

Also, food is one of the essential elements of the tourist experience. An ingredient of the holiday, it provides part of the sense of place. We offer you cooking master-classes. Though most Kyrgyz live in villages today, their traditional dishes still reflect their nomadic past. Meat is considered to be the most important food, and an integral part of any good meal. We offer you a master-class, where you can experience cooking local food. This is the way to become acquainted with the culture, lifestyle of people.

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We work to ensure that tourists who come to Bishkek have an opportunity to learn better our city, people and nature. We do our best to improve all services.

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